Our customers are awesome. (Of course ninjas only accept the most awesome of customers as clientele.) In their own words, here’s what they think about us:

Thank goodness for my ninjas. They are courteous and good at their job. -Amber Timmer

Confucious say: “sometimes you find the answer not in your head, but in your feet.” Thank you Ninjas! – Michael and Tonya Jolley

Last week we returned home after receiving some bad news about our daughter’s health and I saw one of your Ninjas had gone above and beyond to clean the toothbrush holder in the master bath to a sparkling, shiny clean. Just a bright spot in a bad day. Thank you. – Kari Birnley

The first thing I do is run into my room to see how the Ninjas placed my animals. I love it. Thank you for helping us keep our house clean. – Caraline Higgins (daughter of Tim and Jenny)

Just wanted you to know very much I appreciate you all helping me keep my house clean while I work full-time and go to school. Couldn’t do it without your help! Thank you! – Jane Stentz

Thank you so very much for taking care of our home – it takes the stress off of me! – Tammy Sherrill

Thank you so much for making my live more manageable. – Susan Smith

You are excellent at assassinating dust bunnies! – Matt Norman

Thanks for cleaning my play room. I love Ninja day. – Lily Salem (2 1/2 years old)

Thanks for cleaning our home – spectacularly! – Julie Ward

How do you sneak inside our house and clean it and sneak out and leave the house looking awesome? Thanks! Ken and Judy Kerkman

Nice job on everything this week. The couches look much better hairless! The basement bathroom looked amazing, especially the toilet. It looked brand new. Wow! – Deb Mullen

We appreciate how respectful Ninjas are of sleeping baby! – Danielle and Tom Conrad

Coming home to a Ninja cleaned house is like a breath of fresh air. Thanks for all you do! – The Walter Family

Thank you for cleaning our house. And making it shine! – Sarah Maseth

Thanks for defeating our dirtiness! – The Gunns

Ninja stands for: Neat, Incredible, Nice, and Just, Amazing! – The Rushings

You clean much goodly. Thanx! – Tim Abart

Thanks for all you do. Couldn’t function without your help! – The Browning Family

Ninjas have more tentacles than an octopus! – Stephanie and Amanda

My ninjas did a fantastic job with my house and were great at getting to know our dog. We were very happy with the cleaning job and the ninjas were very friendly. – Brooke Rivera

Thank you for your consideration, and your consistent high-quality service. It is much appreciated! – Jane Stentz

I do not know what we would have done without your services these past months as I recovered from surgery! You have a GREAT crew and we so appreciate all that you have done for us!! – Norm and Pat Zink

The Cleaning Ninjas did an absolutely superb job during each cleaning appointment. They were very thorough and meticulous in their work. Awesome with pets too! I can’t thank them enough. – Christopher Kube

Thank you for doing such an excellent job for us! We are really excited and happy! I’ve been spreading the word. – Rita Stranik

Everything was perfect when I came into the office on Friday. They did a great job! – January Schmidt, Envision MRI

I truly enjoy working with Cleaning Ninjas, and have been a customer for many months. Not only is your service impeccable, everyone on the team is highly professional, responsible and very friendly. And, the “extra” tasks you provide and putting on fresh linens are fantastic bonuses. I also really appreciate the flexibility you have provided to me. I would very highly recommend Cleaning Ninjas to anyone! – Valerie Spittler

Everything looked great and wonderful on Saturday. I thought the house smelled good and looked good. Tell the team great job and thank you! – Jean Moser Fabulous as usual! – Adam Lohman

My house looks great. Thanks so much for all you do! – Brenda Mesloh I am very happy with your service. I have never loved Wednesdays so much before. – Shellie Quesenberry

I am very pleased with Ashley and Ashley. They were courteous, efficient and responsive to my questions. I forgot they were going to be cleaning my fridge and stove…awesome…I’ve been “behind” on my housework since this summer and they were such a blessing to me in my efforts to get caught up by the holidays. – Ann Bergevin

We are very happy. The ninjas attention to detail was great. My wife and I both noted how nice it is to come home to a clean house. My son (5) was particularly pleased to have his stuffed animal propped on his bed ready to go. Thank you to all. – Doug Kauffman

The house always looks so fantastic after a ninja visit. – Jen Ruth

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