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Medical & Healthcare
Cleaning Services

In a healthcare environment, no one can afford to cut corners — especially when cleanliness is concerned. Our medical cleaning services in Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska are executed with lightning-sharp accuracy by Cleaning Ninjas who are specially-trained in medical cleaning best practices. With the keen understanding of a true ninja, our team knows their role in reducing infection-related risks.

Note: Cleaning Ninjas do not perform Biohazard waste removal. Any needles/sharps or excessive bodily fluids of any kind cannot be cleaned up by the Cleaning Ninjas. We’re highly-trained in many areas of cleaning, but Biohazards are a different kind of foe!

In addition to other healthcare-specific tasks Cleaning Ninjas will:

Note: Because medical spaces often come with unique requirements and regulations, the Cleaning Ninjas recommend that your facility provide the appropriate products required to clean all surfaces according to regulation. This reduces cost and helps us adhere to the Cleaning Ninjas Code of excellent cleaning!

All our medical Cleaning Ninjas are correctly trained in cleaning techniques, tasks, and infection prevention and control. We keep roles and responsibilities clear and concise, so our staff can work together to provide the best possible environment for your most honorable patients.

We work tirelessly to protect our customers — that’s just the Cleaning Ninja Way. Please call our office by phone or fill out our online form for an in-person estimate. We look forward to serving you!