Our house cleaning services in Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska are more than your typical housekeeping services; they are a skilled, efficient way to positively transform your life.

Our Cleaning Ninjas are dedicated to meticulous service— both in cleaning prowess and customer relations. A session with the Cleaning Ninjas is guaranteed to be pleasant, efficient, and deadly to dirt and clutter.


Our Cleaning Ninjas are house and office cleaning masters who:

  • Are fully insured
  • Clean commodes inside and out
  • Use green cleaning products to keep children and pets safe
  • Are professional employees (not contractors) with intense training and background screening dedicated to affordable cleaning that shines like the rising sun
  • Are led by supervisors that inspect 100% of houses and offices we clean for excellence
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house cleaning in Lincoln and Omaha Nebraska


  • Cleaning Ninjas are happy employees. Their efforts are dedicated to customer satisfaction, loyalty, and happiness.
  • Cleaning Ninjas are extensively trained in specialty areas, including medical, office, and construction cleaning.
  • Cleaning Ninjas are respectful and reverent toward your personal belongings and property — the Cleaning Ninja Code does not tolerate disrespect!
  • Cleaning Ninjas use environmentally-friendly cleaning products to remove contaminants and allergens from your home in the safest way possible.
  • Cleaning Ninjas believe a clean home promotes a healthy, wealthy life. Improving your quality of life is our top priority!
  • Cleaning Ninjas refuse to cut corners — we will take the time to clobber your clutter.
  • With expert skills, fabulous hair, and a friendly smile, hiring a Cleaning Ninja is almost like hiring Chuck Norris. Almost.

Welcoming a Cleaning Ninja into your home is an investment that will clear the chaos from your surroundings and make room for a peaceful life. Call today to see how our Cleaning Ninjas can train your house to be the cleanest home in the Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska region.