A ninja that cleans for fun loves her job. Our Sensei always does a drug screen and criminal history background check. If you are interested in becoming a Cleaning Ninja, please complete our job application.

We do things differently. We are looking for employees to help grow our company that want to work for us for a lifetime. Yes, a lifetime!

We know that you want stability and a company you can depend on to give you a rock-solid job. A company that rewards you for hard work. Management you can count on.

Welcome to Cleaning Ninjas. Cleaning Ninjas enjoy:

  • working independently (on a team of 2 or 3)
  • being busy all day
  • getting a great work-out at work
  • the satisfaction of seeing a house go from dirty to spotless

We are seeking full-time ninjas who are:

  • professional in appearance and attitude
  • dedicated to working hard and removing grime from every nook and cranny they can find in our clients’ homes and businesses
  • committed employees in a long-term position
  • reliable day in and day out
  • supported by fun and respectful management
  • super duper extra special positive people who love our customers and love making their homes and offices immaculate

Our ninjas move fast and are confident hard workers who are focused on helping their team succeed. Compensation based on experience +  incentive pay + overtime pay + 2 weeks vacation after first year.

Benefits for all Ninjas include:

  • Committed long-term positions
  • Clear path for advancement to management positions
  • Full-time hours Monday through Friday, 8am-6pm with one Saturday or Sunday per month
  • Old-fashioned stability
  • Company-match IRA
  • Awesome shirts and business cards
  • Performance bonuses, attendance bonuses, flyer bonuses and throwing star gift cards
  • Paid vacation
  • Company cars
  • The chance to get a buff bod while you work — many of our Ninjas have lost 20-30 pounds their first couple of months
  • Kung fu cleaning and meditation training
Call 402.483.0333
to speak directly with our sensei