Ninjas are widely-known for their stealthy, skilled reputation, and Cleaning Ninjas are no different! We are lucky to have such wonderful customers willing to share their praise for the Cleaning Ninja Code. Please take a moment to see what they have to say about our cleaning services in Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska.

  • Thank goodness for my ninjas. They are courteous and good at their job.

    Amber Timmer
  • Confucius say: “Sometimes you find the answer not in your head, but in your feet.” Thank you Ninjas!

    Michael and Tonya Jolley
  • Last week we returned home after receiving some bad news about our daughter’s health and I saw one of your Ninjas had gone above and beyond to clean the toothbrush holder in the master bath to a sparkling, shiny clean. Just a bright spot in a bad day. Thank you.

    Kari Birnley
  • The first thing I do is run into my room to see how the Ninjas placed my animals. I love it. Thank you for helping us keep our house clean.

    Jane Stentz
  • Thank you so very much for taking care of our home – it takes the stress off of me!

    Tammy Sherrill
  • Thank you so much for making my life more manageable.

    Susan Smith
  • You are excellent at assassinating dust bunnies!

    Matt Norman
  • Thanks for cleaning my play room. I love Ninja day.

    Julie Ward
  • How do you sneak inside our house and clean it and sneak out and leave the house looking awesome? Thanks!

    Ken & Judy Kerkman
  • Nice job on everything this week. The couches look much better hairless! The basement bathroom looked amazing, especially the toilet. It looked brand new. Wow!

    Deb Mullen
  • We appreciate how respectful Ninjas are of our sleeping baby!

    Danielle & Tom Conrad
  • Thank you for cleaning our house. And making it shine!

    Sarah Maseth