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Ninja Reviews

From Real Customers

Your feedback is important to us! We are constantly looking out for ways to improve while our ninjas master the Art of Cleanliness to ensure your home or office area shines like the rising sun! Had a visit from our Ninjas recently? Please leave us a review here.
Laurel McCoy
Laurel McCoy
Had the ninjas out to clean for the first time this week, and they did a fantastic job. They cleaned everything top-to-bottom and my place feels so clean! Thank you!
Leigh & Brett Osterman-Durant
Leigh & Brett Osterman-Durant
We’ve been using Cleaning Ninjas for years and are really happy. They’re very professional and take their customer care seriously. We had a house clean today that was amazing! Shout out to Allison and Merrissa for taking extra time and care to make our house look great!!!
Kelly Kager
Kelly Kager
I love my cleaning ninjas, the day they are at my home is always the happiest day of the two week period to come home on, as its so nice to come home to a clean house, with fresh sheets on the bed. They are reliable, thorough, easy to work with, friendly, and I appreciate their sense of humor.

Our three NINJAS were on time, friendly and tenacious in their cleaning tasks. We were getting our home ready for the market, and we left the tough stuff to them. They are fast, yet thorough with great attention to detail. They are accommodating and top-notch professionals! They made everything shine! Thank you so much our Three Ninjas!

- Gary N. -
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Team Awesome has been cleaning for us for the past few years and has done a great job from the start. James, Elizabeth, and Kathy work well together to thoroughly, yet efficiently clean our home. They are always very respectful and constantly seek out feedback on the quality of their service and ways to improve. Highly recommend.

- Stephanie U. -
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I highly recommend Cleaning Ninjas. Shout out to Team Awesome: James, Elizabeth and Kathy! They are hard working, positive, polite and efficient and every visit the team leader James asks if there is anything they can do better! Their help is a life-changer!

- Angela R. -
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I hired the Ninjas for the first time this week! They are so professional !! I new just what to expect after calling to make an appointment. The person on the phone told me what would be done and the cost. The Ninjas that came to clean were polite and thorough! My house was sparkling! So happy with my experience!! I would highly recommend the Ninjas!!!

- Jill W. -
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Just wanted you to know how very much I appreciate you all helping me keep my house clean while I work full-time and go to school. Couldn’t do it without your help! Thank you!

- Jane Stentz -

Thank goodness for my ninjas. They are courteous and good at their job.

- Amber Timmer -

Confucius say: “Sometimes you find the answer not in your head, but in your feet.” Thank you Ninjas!

- Michael and Tonya Jolley -

Our ninjas always leave the house sparkling clean. Thank you team Glorious sun.

- Elizabeth O. -
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Cleaning Ninjas has been a lifesaver for my family! With 2 little kids and working we were having a hard time keeping up with our house. They have been so accommodating to our schedule, cleaning needs including some extra detail to certain things when we request. Being able to enjoy a clean house and more time as a family is priceless!

- Tanya K. -
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Both the administrative side of this company and the service side are really great. The staff will bend over backwards to make sure you are satisfied. Very well-trained cleaners, professional, thorough, who listen to what the client wants. I highly recommend.

- Kelly E. -
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I've been working here for a couple years now and I love it! We have such friendly employees and everyone has a great work ethic. I've even had the ladies clean for me a couple times and I've never been disappointed. Great company!

- Joscelyn W. -
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Coming home to a Ninja-cleaned house is like a breath of fresh air. Thanks for all you do!

- Walter Family -

Last week we returned home after receiving some bad news about our daughter’s health and I saw one of your Ninjas had gone above and beyond to clean the toothbrush holder in the master bath to a sparkling, shiny clean. Just a bright spot in a bad day. Thank you.

- Kari Birnley -

Thank you for cleaning our house. And making it shine!

- Sarah Masen -

Nice job on everything this week. The couches look much better hairless! The basement bathroom looked amazing, especially the toilet. It looked brand new. Wow!

- Deb Mullen -

Have been a twice monthly customer for over 2 years now. The Ninjas are very thorough, insanely efficient, honest, and hiring them was a snap through their website! My home is modest but they treat it with respect each and every time. I feel like the team that comes weekly kind of knows us 🙂 Professional, responsive to requests and fun too! As a single mom working full time as a nurse their help is life changing for both my daughter and me! Thank You Ninjas!

- Mandi A. -
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We've been using Cleaning Ninjas for over two years and are so satisfied! They do a great job on our house at a good value, and they're even so kind to our pets who are always hanging around. 🙂 Highly recommend!

- Allison B. -
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We have been using the cleaning ninjas for years and we love them! Very thorough and friendly. We highly recommend!

- Heather H. -
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I have had great experiences with cleaning ninjas! Jada makes my bathrooms shine every time!

- Jennifer S. -
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How do you sneak inside our house and clean it and sneak out and leave the house looking awesome? Thanks!

- Ken & Judy Kerkmann -

Thank you so very much for taking care of our home – it takes the stress off of me!

- Tammy Sherrill -

Thank you so much for making my life more manageable.

- Susan Smith -

The first thing I do is run into my room to see how the Ninjas placed my animals. I love it. Thank you for helping us keep our house clean.

- Jane Stentz -

You are excellent at assassinating dust bunnies!

- Matt Norman -