Question: What day of the week will my Ninjas clean my house?

Answer: If you are flexible on time of day, it is our pleasure to clean your home whatever day of the week you prefer. The only exception to this is if you live in an outlying town around Lincoln and Omaha such as Seward or Gretna. We try to group our clients’ homes by area.

Question: If I book regular service, do you charge extra for the first cleaning?

Answer: No, we do not. The Ninja Code is to take it in good faith that you will be a regular client. Therefore, although first-time cleanings generally take our Ninjas 4-8 times as long as subsequent cleanings, we do not charge extra. We are the only cleaning company in our area with this generous policy.

Question: Do I have to be home for my appointment?

Answer: That is completely up to you. The majority of our regular clients keep a key or garage code on file with our office, and their houses are poof! magically clean when they arrive home.

Question: To be or not to be?

Answer: That is the question. The answer is Ninja.

Question: What if my house takes longer to clean than estimated?

Answer: It depends on if you are a one-time honorable client or an honorable client who with recurring appointments. When our Ninjas arrive at a one-time or move-in/out home that is going to take more than one labor hour than estimated extra to clean, we will call you and get your permission to proceed. Should this occur with a client who has scheduled regular cleaning appointments, we will give you a call after the first few months of service and let you know that your home takes longer to clean than anticipated. However, this has happened very rarely in our years of business.

Question: Do you inspect my house?

Answer: We are the only cleaning company in Nebraska that inspects 100% of the houses we clean every single appointment. Each team is led by a supervisor who reviews the house against her Excellence Checklist to ensure every area is completed with quality.

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