Moving into or out of a new space can be a time of stress and emotional clutter, making meticulously clean surroundings especially essential! Your Cleaning Ninjas will ensure that you’re leaving an old living space clean and welcoming… or moving into a space that is peacefully ready for you to fill it with your personality.


  • Do I have to be home for my appointment?

    That is completely up to you. The majority of our regular clients keep a key or garage code on file with our office, and their houses are stealthily clean when they arrive home.

  • Are you Insured?

    Yes, Cleaning Ninjas are fully-insured and all Ninjas are full-time employees of the organization, not contractors.

  • Do you inspect my house?

    We are the only cleaning company in Nebraska that inspects 100% of the houses we clean, for every single appointment. Each team is led by a supervisor who reviews the house against her Excellence Checklist to ensure every area is completed with quality.


Cleaning Ninjas’ mission adheres to what we like to call the “Cleaning Ninja Code.” We dedicate our efforts to the highest quality of client service and deliver with a sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride, and meticulousness.

  • The highest ethical standards will guide everything we do.
  • We will earn and re-earn the goodwill, trust, and confidence of our honorable clients and colleagues every day.
  • We will constantly pursue excellence and strive for improvement and innovation in all that we do.
  • We will be at the top of industry performance in every function, for every client, in every way.

      Our highly-skilled Cleaning Ninjas are ready and waiting to attack your clutter and stealthily step up your surroundings. For a free quote on our cleaning services in Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska, please fill out our form!