The Importance of Having a Space Cleaned Before Moving Into It

If you’re moving into a new home, it’s likely that you’re focused on selling an old home, finding financing, or purchasing furniture. It’s important, however, to not forget about prepping the new space before moving into it. Instead of tackling the job yourself, consider hiring professionals like the Cleaning Ninjas to handle all the work for you. Of course, there are some steps you can take to make the transition even smoother.

The following is a look at some of the tasks you can complete to give yourself a fresh start ahead of moving day.

#1 Hire Professional Cleaners

You’re going to be busy in the days before move-in, so remove some of the stress from your lives by hiring the Cleaning Ninjas to clean your home from ceiling to floor before you even have any furniture in the home. We offer all the standard cleaning services for move-out and move-in: dusting off ceiling fans, wiping down trim, cleaning the bathrooms, and scrubbing the floors and baseboards. In other words, having professional cleaners wipe away all the dirt from the previous owners will give you nice, clean home to move into, almost as if it were brand new!

#2 Clean the Carpets

While the Cleaning Ninjas can vacuum your carpets for you, hiring a carpet cleaning service might not be a bad idea after we’ve finished cleaning the rest of the home. This will pull any old skin cells or pet dander from the carpet and give your feet a soft, clean service on which to live and be comfortable once you’re in the new house. The place will smell a lot better, too.

#3 Buy and Install New Toilet Seats

Buying new toilet seats is an inexpensive way to give yourself a clean start in a new home. Not only do they not cost much, but they are also easy to install. Cleaning Ninjas can clean the entire bathroom, but for something like toilet seats, you may as well as start completely fresh. This may also be a good time to replace any rusted or dated hardware, cabinets, or plumbing fixtures. Remember to make these swaps before scheduling a cleaning, so our professionals can get rid of any remodeling debris or dust.

#4 Change Your Air Filters

One way to keep the previous family’s dust and dander from spreading through the house is to change the air filter in your HVAC system. While it is meant to keep those things from circulating, they can be dirty if they haven’t been changed in a while. Again, this is an inexpensive fix that could not be any easier to do, and it is yet another way to ensure your home is as clean as possible on move-in day.

Make an Appointment

If you would like to get an estimate for cleaning your new home, give us a call here at the Cleaning Ninjas. We offer house cleaning services before moving in, all of which exists to help you remove some of the stress of the experience while also giving yourself the cleanest possible home in which to move.