As the holidays approach, homeowners are going to find themselves in dire need of a clean house, especially when it’s time to host gatherings for friends and family. However, because this season is so busy and hectic, it can feel nearly impossible to keep the house clean before people arrive at your home.

The following is a look at how you and a professional cleaning service like the Cleaning Ninjas can work together to ensure all your house cleaning for the holidays gets done (and gets done in time):

What You Can Do Before the Cleaning Service Arrives

Get a Head Start

Procrastination will get you nowhere. If you know you’re going to require the home cleaning services of the Cleaning Ninjas, call us sooner rather than later to make sure we can get to your home at the most convenient times.


While we can help with certain organization items, homeowners can make the cleaning process go a lot more quickly and efficiently if the homeowners have done their decluttering before we arrive. Throw away or file old papers and mail, put away items on tables and countertops, and pick things up off the floor. When there is snow on the ground, clear and deice all sidewalks and driveways. All of it helps us better do our job safely!

Clean Out the Fridge

While we can literally clean a refrigerator, it helps if the homeowners first clear the fridge of old food and dishes before we get in there with the cleaning supplies.

What the Professional Cleaning Service Will Take Care Of

Wash the Walls

Since visitors presumably will be all over your home, it’s a good idea to wipe the walls clear of any smears or stains, and we have the supplies and techniques to do that without ruining your paint.

Wash the Windows

Washing windows in cold weather can be a tricky proposition, but the Cleaning Ninjas have everything necessary to make sure your guests can look out through clear windows.

Deep Cleaning

It can be embarrassing if a guest notices cobwebs on the ceiling, crumbs on the floor, or random balls of pet hair stuck to furniture. Our professionals can make sure even the small details are taken care of before those guests arrive.

Clean the Kitchen

It never fails that when someone throws a party, the guests always seem to congregate in the kitchen. That’s why it’s so important to make sure every surface and appliance is completely clean!

Clean the Bathrooms

Guests also are going to use your restrooms, and the Cleaning Ninjas can make sure they are comfortable doing so thanks to clean sinks and toilets.

Vacuum and Dust

Whatever other rooms your guests may access should be vacuumed and dusted, and our professionals can take care of that in as many or as few rooms as you require.

If you would like some help house cleaning for the holidays—especially if you are planning on hosting a big dinner or holiday party—don’t hesitate to contact the Cleaning Ninjas so we can help make sure you house sparkles and shines for your guests.

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