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Stovetop Need A Deep Clean?

Glass-top stoves can make your kitchen look sleek and modern. They also never require owners to clean or replace drip pans or burner grates, but if you are the proud
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The Importance Of A Clean Home

Our house cleaning services are more than a typical housekeeping service; Cleaning Ninjas are a skillful, experienced and efficient way to positively transform your health and life. Every time you
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Do You Have Tough Water Stains?

A trick for removing water stains without damaging the surface you’re looking to clean: What You’ll Need: Microfiber towels are best or a small thin towel. Distilled white vinegar Baking
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How to Clean After a Major Home Renovation

Home renovations can leave a lot of dust and debris behind, but Cleaning Ninjas offers after-remodeling cleaning services that can solve these messy problems.
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Deep Cleaning Your Bathroom

Continuing our deep cleaning series, this month Cleaning Ninjas looks at how to best deep clean a bathroom. Get some tips and see what you should leave to the professionals.
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Why You Should Hire Professionals to Clean Your Carpet

Many people try to deep clean their carpets themselves, but there are some important reasons to trust the professionals at Cleaning Ninjas to handle that job instead.
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